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Bakemart has been established in the year 2003 as a total bakery solutions company in Middle East. We hold the traditional way of baking business, which is based on the accomplishment of being an iconic supplier of bakery products in the market.Two production factories are based in UAE, including the head office in IMPZ area -Dubai, UAE. The company also has operations in Qatar & Bahrain as well, carrying out work in the construction of new kilns in the other parts of the world.



Even since the first bread was baked thousands of years ago, history has witnessed innumerable experts dedicating their lives to perfect the art of baking. Their unrelenting drive, innovations and techniques are all part of a rich culinary heritage that has found a worthy inheritor in Bakemart. Backed by the most skilled team of baking experts, state-of-the-art facilities and an uncompromising commitment to quality, Bakemart has pioneered the concept of Total Bakery Solutions.

  • To be honest, I was a bit skeptical about Bakemart to begin with. How could a baking company based in this region claim to match the standards of the best in Europe? I voiced the same question to their Managing Director, who invited me to view their facilities. It was at their factory, on one Saturday afternoon, amid all the delicious smells wafting by, that I realized how wrong I was. When there is a vision baked by an unrelenting commitment to be the finest, even a baking company company form here can rank among the world’s best. What Bakemart has managed to achieve is truly inspirational for all of us.
    Christina Hardy
  • When a guest stays at one of our hotels, we do everything we can to make their experience memorable. One memory they usually carry with them for long is that of the food we serve. For years now, Bakemart has been by our side in delighting our guests at every meal. In my interactions with their top management, I found them to be one of those few companies who genuinely care about our guests’ experience. They constant seek our feedback and keep coming up with improvisations and innovations. Our guests love their products, our chefs admire their services, our reputation is only bolstered and I couldn’t be more pleased with Bakemart. Kudos!
    Jane Bennett
    Jane Bennett
  • While I first came here, on the flight in I remember thinking all the things I need will have to make the same journey. But once I settled here and found out about Bakemart, those worries started to disappear. They had most of the things I wanted and what they didn’t have, they were more than eager to create just for me. Everybody talks about customization, but with them I’ve actually experienced that personal touch. They understand the special relationship between a chef and a baker and always live up to their promises. As an Executive Chef, things can get quite stressful quite often and it’s quite an assurance to have someone like Bakemart to count on.
    Jessica Lee
    Jessica Lee


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