Drivenby Passion

Baking is not just a business at Bakemart, it is an inexhaustible passion that motivates and inspires us to outdo our previous achievements and raise the bar for ourselves and the industry. Today, the company has a strong presence in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain in addition to a registered office in the United Kingdom. The commitment to better the best is shared by our workforce which numbers over 800 and comes from different parts of the world. The world-class manufacturing facilities, envied by the rest of the industry, are now complemented by a rapidly advancing retail division through exclusive Bakemart Plus outlets and ventures in association with like-minded partners.

LeadingBy Inspiration

Bakemart was founded and continues to be led by a visionary who possesses unstinting belief in his ambitions and the passion to achieve them. Mr. TK Khaleel, Founder and Managing Director of Bakemart, has channelled his 30 years of expertise in the baking industry to make Bakemart on par with the world’s finest. A pioneer with the gift of foresight, Mr Khaleel’s career in the region is bejewelled with glittering accomplishments. He was associated with the region’s very first department store, The Centre, in Doha, Qatar for a period of 15 years before leaving the organization as Bakery Manager. During his highly successful tenure he was instrumental in taking its Bakery division to unprecedented heights. In his capacity as Bakery Project Manager for one of the leading business groups of Bahrain, Jawad, he left an indelible imprint, completely transforming and elevating their bakery business

FreshlyBaked Frozen Goods

We are proud to take fresh bakery production concept to the next level by introducing The Frozen Bakery Products such as wide range of frozen breads, frozen cakes & pastries, etc. in this region. Today, market is obsessed by the rising demand for convenience food products, to save time and efforts in the hectic schedules of our busy chefs. The Frozen Bakery Products market is considered to be one of the fastest-growing segments of frozen food marketplace due to the growing trend towards ready-to-bake, ready-to-thaw or par baked frozen products. Staring from fast food restaurants to retail chains all have been benefited from these range of products as they can now readily thaw frozen bakery products, bake the par baked items with minutes or prepare fresh items using frozen dough. Furthermore, extended shelf life facilitates easy availability whenever required and they can secure stocks during seasonal requirement. Owing to these benefits of frozen bakery products, there is an expansion in the demands for these products and the market is witnessing significant growth in current and the forecast period.

“To be the global leader of total bakery solutions.”

To be aworld leader in the baking industry and one of the finest corporations in the global food manufacturing. An enterprise with dependable, leading brands for our customers. A chosen supplier for our clients. A resilient and sound company for our investors and an amazing place to work in.

•At Bakemart, we demonstrate and aggressively perfect, the commitment of having fun, sharing liberally to others, building robust and stimulating bakeries, baking exceptional quality bread, pastries and cakes, and cheerfully serving our customers.
•We believe our success comes from a strong commitment to sustain the legacy and integrity of the Bakemart brand with its emphasis on the customer experience, and the promise of incredible tasting products made with freshly-milled whole grains unified with pure and simple ingredients.

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