Bread is like cheese or wine –Time , patience and care are the secret ingredients!
Just the control of the fermentation and the action of natural bacteria can produce anything from a light mild flavor to a deep, strong, rustic flavor. As you might pair wine with food you can do the same with the large variety of artisan breads available.
A baguette is perfect with butter . A rustic, hearty country sourdough makes a great sandwich with meat or is good for sopping up stew. Taste all the different varieties available and relish the differences in where they came from, what types of ingredients and fermentation were used, how much time was put into making them and the different characteristics of taste and texture and color, just as you would with cheese or wine . Your effort will not only be educational but deliciously rewarding.
Time , patience and care –apart from the knowledge of ingredients, equipment’s and sensitivity to working conditions define the ability of a baker to produce breads that looks good, taste good and smells good. In today’s fast –paced world, it is easy to forget this and to rely on shortened process and ingredients of convenience. The end result is that the bread looks good, but does not satisfy other senses, leaving one with the feeling that something is missing. Bread is staff of life and tradition has to be honored to bring bread to the level of exaltation that it has enjoyed in the past.


Bakemart’s adherence to quality is not just restricted to delivering great taste, but also offering a more wholesome and healthy culinary experience With increased awareness among today’s customers, food choices are rapidly evolving. In keeping with its approach of staying a step ahead of the trendsBakemart offers a wide variety of
products for the health-conscious. A range of specialty breads are available each of which is packed with vital nutrients A whole range of classic products, created using authentic ingredients and traditional methods, are also available. Our processes are carefully designed to ensure the nutritive value of the products is retained during preparation.


As a purveyor of total bakery solutions, Bakemart has applied our in-depth understanding of clients’ diverse needs to pioneer an array of innovative baking solutions in the region. Two such products are Bakemart Frozen Bread and Bakemart Frozen Cakes. Designed to empower chefs with luxury of time and convenience, these revolutionary products offer chefs a ready canvas for their art. In addition to serving an assortment of timeless favourites, Bakemart ceaselessly introduces novel flavours that are fusion of tastes or exotic favours never imagined before.

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